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Greetings on Ram Navami! [Apr. 12th, 2011|12:06 pm]
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Hello people. Heartiest greetings to everyone on the occasion of Ram Navami. Please allow me to share with you a popular passage from Goswami Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas which in my view contains a beautiful summary of all the ideals that Sri Ram taught us through is acts during his lifetime. The passage, from Lanka Kand, describes Vibheeshan's anxiety upon seeing Ravan strikingly decorated for battle, on his mighty chariot packed with intimidating weapons, contrasting with Rama with no chariot, without even proper armour and footwear required for battle. Here's what Vibheeshan said, and Rama's reply.

In Hindi:

रावण रथी बिरथ रघुबीरा। देखि बिभीषन भयउ अधीरा।।
अधिक प्रीति मन भा संदेहा। बंदि चरन कह सहित सनेहा।।
नाथ न रथ नहिं तन पद त्राना। केहि बिधि जितब बीर बलवाना।।
सुनहु सखा कह कृपानिधाना। जेहिं जय होइ सो स्यंदन आना।।

सौरज धीरज तेहि रथ चाका । सत्य सील दृढ़ ध्वजा पताका ।।
बल बिबेक दम परहित घोरे । छमा कृपा समता रजु जोरे ।।
ईस भजनु सारथी सुजाना । बिरति चर्म संतोष कृपाना ।।
दान परसु बुधि सक्ति प्रचंड़ा । बर बिग्यान कठिन कोदंडा ।।
अमल अचल मन त्रोन समाना । सम जम नियम सिलीमुख नाना ।।
कवच अभेद बिप्र गुर पूजा । एहि सम बिजय उपाय न दूजा ।।
सखा धर्ममय अस रथ जाकें । जीतन कहँ न कतहुँ रिपु ताकें ।।

महा अजय संसार रिपु जीति सकइ सो बीर ।
जाकें अस रथ होइ दृढ़ सुनहु सखा मतिधीर ।।


Upon seeing Raavan mounted on his chariot, and Raghubeera (Rama) without one, Vibheeshan became impatient
Having extreme love for Rama, his heart grew doubtful. Saluting his feet, he spoke to Rama thus:
Lord, you have no chariot, no armour, and no shoes for your feet. How are you going to defeat this brave, strong warrior?
Rama said: Listen my friend, The chariot that brings victory is of another kind altogether.

Bravery and patience are the wheels of that chariot. Truth and integrity are its firm flag and banner.
Strength, discernment, tranquility of mind and control over the senses are its horses. They are bound by the reins of forgiveness, kindness and equanimity.
Contemplation of the divine is it's knowledgeable charioteer. Non-attachment is the shield and contentment the sword.
Charity is the axe and the intellect is the blazing power. Spiritual knowledge and accomplishment is the unbreakable bow.
An unmoving, uncontaminated mind is like the quiver, the various disciplines, self-restraints and observences are the arrows.
Impenetrable armour is the veneration of the wise and of one's teacher. There exists no comparable means of attaining victory.
My pious friend, whoever has such a chariot is not left with any enemies to conquer anywhere.

Even this enormous, unconquerable world (with all its confounding attachments) can be overcome by that hero
Who has in his possession such a chariot, know this my wise friend.


We all know how the story ends :) Jai Sri Ram!